OLA Workshops in Guatemala

Check out what participants from the OLA workshop at the Escuela Esperanza in Guatemala have to say…

“The OLA method is 100% unconventional and 100% effective. It makes sense, and because it makes sense, it will work. Not to mention it’s a blast.” Alycia Harrah

“The OLA training course was completely different to any other training course I’ve been on- it was so much fun and I can’t wait to put the new skills I’ve learned into practice.” Amy Bray

“I think this method will be extremely effective for teaching English to our students. Not only does it makes sense to immerse kids in the second language, but it’s so fun! I loved every minute of training, and I feel closer to my fellow teachers because of it, so i know I will get even closer to my students. I cannot wait to get into the classroom.” Abbie Case
“OLA has completely shifted my ideas on how to teach English. After just 4 days, I feel confident and excited to teach!” Brian Coleman
“OLA has introduced to me a fresh and practical way to learn language that works and makes sense.” Greg Pinozzotto
“What a refreshing, exciting, and fun way to teach! I feel confident and enabled by OLA to teach a second language.” Kaitlyn Sample

The Boulder Conference – OLA

The first OLA conference in Colorado will be hosted at CU in Boulder on March 1st and 2nd.

To register please follow the instructions on the registration page.